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By Rainbows End Sewing Loft, Aug 17 2017 05:32PM

We had the most amazing time at our first ever FOQ show and can't stop reminising over the whole time we were there.

Day 1: Our first day consisted of waking up at 4am in the morning, bearing in mind we had 3 hours sleep the night before. This was self inflicked of course, as the pair of us were like children who'd just been told they are off to Disney Land. To be honest it is very much like going to Disney land but for Craft enthusiasts.

Alarm goes off, get fed, watered and dressed then off in the car we go. We had a stop off in Romsey to pick up my mother who was joing us on our road trip. A few service breaks later we arrived at what felt like the big white perly gates.

Wow, what a sight, words couldn't really describe the shear excitment and anticipation for one of the biggest Crafting events in the UK.

The day itself was an adrenaline rush, a time which felt like several red bulls, Teas, coffee's and tangtastics combined together. None stop customer service which felt fantastic coupled with excellent networking ( a term used when getting to know other business').

The chats, exchanging of money, laughs and giggles was a time that will last with us for a very long time.

We finished Day 1 with a Toby carvery, what an end to an exciting day.

Day 4: So we made the decision to attend Day 4, what happened ? All of the above and so much more.

Popped on over to the Janome stand to check out their amazing sewing machines. Came across their £7,500 one, so impressive to the point i was transfixed.

I was also mistaken for a staff member which was hilarious looking back, however rathr than saying no sorry, i stood there, patiently listened and recommended the lady look at a certain machine to fulfill her needs :D HAHA

We sold our first piece of bunting at this show which was such a blessing. We hadn't anticipated taking it up with us but i thought why not, you never know. It paid off :D

It was time for the show to finish and here ends all the excitment and enjoyment. Despite feeling blue from such an event ending, we took away with us valuable experience, new friendhsips and knowing we had such an excellent time with family.

Here ends this show but have no fear we are attending many more this year.